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Titania Pro 2024


Titania Pro
Weight: Ranges from 350 to 385 grams, ideal for those desiring a balance of control and power.
Head Shape: Round, enhancing control by centralizing the sweet spot.
Frame: Thickness of 38mm for a robust feel and balanced performance.
Surface Texture: Molded texture aids in gripping the ball for added spin and control.
Balance: Evenly balanced to support versatile play styles, both defensive and offensive.
Material Composition: 100% Carbon 3K in head and frame for durability and solid feel.
Core Material: Pro 50 rubber offers a mix of power and control, responsive during games.

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– Titania Pro is crafted for competitive players seeking superior power and control. With a diamond shape and high balance, it ensures a powerful impact, supported by a sturdy Tricarbon build, ideal for delivering precise and forceful shots.

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