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Titania Speed 2024


Titania Speed
Weight: Ranges from 350 to 385 grams, offering a balance of maneuverability and stability.
Shape: Round, centralizing the sweet spot for enhanced control and forgiveness on off-center hits.
Material Composition: Frame made from 3K Carbon for stiffness and durability, while the head is crafted from fiberglass for flexibility and elasticity, increasing speed on ball returns.
Core: Features Ultra Speed Soft density rubber for a soft touch, excellent ball speed, and comfort during extended play.
Technologies: Includes Power Balance technology for optimized weight distribution, Anatomic Bridge Design for a comfortable grip, and Reinforcement Torsion System to reduce handle vibrations.

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– Designed for aggressive gameplay, the Titania Speed offers a combination of speed and power. Its lightweight design and diamond shape allow for quick strikes and enhanced control, making it suitable for dynamic play.

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