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Triton Speed 2024


Triton Speed
Weight: Ranges from 350 to 385 grams, suitable for players desiring control and power balance.
Profile: Standard thickness of 38mm for solid impact and good control.
Balance: Head-heavy balance for enhanced power generation during offensive plays.
Shape: Teardrop shape, offering a balance between power and control, with sweet spot towards the top.
Composition Exterior: Constructed with two layers of 3K Carbon for increased power and stability.
Composition Interior: Features Ultra Speed Soft rubber for comfort and enhanced control and ball speed.
Player Level: Suitable for players at any level, particularly beneficial for those needing control and power from the backcourt.
Power/Control: Offers a strong combination of power and control, facilitating aggressive play and precise shots.
Technologies: Includes Full Plane Effect for improved precision and Noene Inside technology in the handle for vibration absorption and protection.

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– Engineered for players who prioritize swift and powerful gameplay, the Triton Speed provides excellent maneuverability and force. Its diamond shape and high balance cater to aggressive play, making it a favorite among expert players.

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