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Titania Soft 2024


Titania Soft

Weight: Ranges from 350 to 385 grams, facilitating easier handling and powerful shots.
Shape: Round, centering the sweet spot for enhanced control and accuracy.
Frame and Surface: 3K Carbon frame for durability, fiberglass surface for elasticity and softer touch.
Core: Soft 30 rubber core for better ball control and stroke execution.
Technologies: Power Balance for optimized weight distribution, Reinforcement Torsion System to reduce vibrations, Anatomic Bridge Design for ergonomic grip and comfort.
Texture: Molded texture on the surface for improved grip, enhancing spin and control.

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The Titania Soft is perfect for players seeking comfort and control. It features a soft core for reduced impact stress and a balanced design for precise control, making it ideal for extended play without sacrificing performance.

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