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Kenta Pro 2024


Kenta Pro
Approximate Weight: Between 350 to 385 grams, balancing maneuverability and power.
Profile: 38 mm, offering robust control and power.
Balance: Medium, achieving a mix of power and control.
Shape: Round, enhancing control and suitable for precision-focused players.
Composition Exterior: Two layers of 3K carbon for greater rigidity, improving control and power.
Composition Interior: Medium-density EVA Pro 50 foam, providing balanced feel and enhanced hitting sensation.
Player Level: Advanced to expert players requiring support for technical play.
Power/Control: High control with considerable power, suitable for versatile playing styles emphasizing precision and power.

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– The Kenta Pro is designed for professionals seeking a perfect balance of speed and control. It boasts a teardrop shape and a medium balance, ideal for delivering powerful and precise shots. At 365-375 grams, it’s optimized for players who demand responsiveness and agility.

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