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Dronos Speed 2024


Dronos Speed
Weight: Ranges from 350 to 385 grams, offering maneuverability and impactful shots.
Shape: Teardrop shape balances the sweet spot towards the tip for optimized power and control.
Material: Constructed entirely of 3K carbon in the frame and head for rigidity and responsiveness.
Core Technology: Features Ultra Speed Soft rubber for comfort and enhanced control during fast-paced games.
Additional Technologies:
Noene Inside: Absorbs up to 96% of shock and vibrations in the handle, reducing fatigue and increasing comfort.
Full Plane Effect: Rough surface enhances stability and durability for precise hits.
Star Balance System: Optimizes balance and weight distribution in the racket’s core for enhanced performance

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– Dronos Speed is built for rapid response and speed. Its streamlined design and balanced weight distribution promote quick swings and agility, making it a top choice for players who thrive in fast-paced situations.

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